“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Leonardo da Vinci

 "Our new GTO Light is finally ready, an ideal compromise between comfort and lightness, just the perfect solution for all the hike&fly fans who do not want to give up the comfort of a non-light harness. We hope you’ll love it!"

Supair is proud to introduce the latest harness from our research and development department: the Delight 3.

Particularly suited to mountain flying, it also intended to be used for tandem flying, ground handling, coastal ridge soaring, wherever lightness and ease allow the pilot to play freely.This is the third version of a leading lightweight harness design! Comfort and modularity are at the heart of this new development.

The STRIKE came out of our X-ALPS 2015 design. It is a harness fully dedicated to Hike & Fly competitions. Its great inboard comfort makes it much more versatile than its light weight would let one assume.

The ALTIRANDO 3 is our reversible of choice. From one generation to the next, it becomes safer and more comfortable.

GII 3 is the very latest generation of the highly popular GII series paraglider harness. The three versions of GII have been extensively overhauled, updated & improved.

We know that comfort and safety are crucial to our flying. Sometimes you need to practice groundhadling, sometimes we just go for the evening flight and as soon as the season comes, we are looking for the equipment for comfortable XC flights. And for that we need the right harness. Modern, widely usable, safe and comfortable, just like TRANSFORMER.

What a joy to have the children fly tandem! BUT what a problem to find a harness adapted to their physique ... The Kid is THE solution!

“The All in One Koncept”