“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Leonardo da Vinci

We know that comfort and safety are crucial to our flying. Sometimes you need to practice groundhadling, sometimes we just go for the evening flight and as soon as the season comes, we are looking for the equipment for comfortable XC flights. And for that we need the right harness. Modern, widely usable, safe and comfortable, just like TRANSFORMER.

TRANSFORMER is a harness with two basic modes. The classic "cocoon" harness for long flights, remove the speed bag and we have a classic, versatile harness which is suitable for  recreational flying to cross-country  flying. TRANSFORMER is designed for pilots whose start-up ambition is to end in beautiful and long flights, with the ability to transform with the pilot from classic mode to a modern, aerodynamically shaped harness with speed bag. TRASFORMER is a modern, technologically advanced harness with a racey cut, comfort, simplicity and accessibility from our COMFORT LINE series.

TRANSFORMER main features are:

  • very easy on/off speedbag system
  • option to classic fly without speedbag or foot stirrup
  • low weight – carbon seat board and foot plate, lightweight speedbag (size L is only 4,6kg with speed bag and carabiners)
  • slim strap system
  • simple and fast set up with Easy Custom Tuning
  • modern stable geometry (optimized hang point height and distance)
  • 16 cm back protector
  • integrated rescue container
  • functional back pocket with radio pocket and hydration system - camel bag © compatible
  • under seat ballast pocket

TRANSFORMER is delivered in M, L, XL sizes. Please check the size table. The table cannot respect all the possibilities therefore it is highly recommended to try the harness on before you buy it – mostly for pilots who fall between sizes.

Harness is delivered in version TRANSFORMER and TRANSFORMER XC.


  • Harness
  • Lightweight speed system
  • Carabiners
  • USB flash drive with manual


  • Speedbag
  • Instrument cockpit
  • Lightweight speed system
  • Carabiners
  • USB flash drive with manual

Technical info:


Pilot´s height (cm) 160-180 170-190 180-200
Board width (cm) 29,8 32 34,2
Board depth (cm) 37,5 40 43
Suspension points height (cm) 43 45 47
Chest strap range (cm) 40-47 42-50 46-53
Protector thickness (cm) 16 16 16
Harness weight* (kg) 4,37 4,6 4,83
Certification EN / LTF EN / LTF EN / LTF



A - Main carabiners

    The 2 main carabiners are included with the harness.

B - The reserve parachute container is integrated in the harness

C - Reserve parachute

    The harness is recommended to be used in combination with the SKY LITE reserve parachute.

D - V riser

    Dyneema strap is part of the harness.

F - Dyneema ending of the strap / cords with the harness



Straps: X-tube 16 mm - EDELRID

Cover: HR70D - Airwill, NF210D ripstop PU 800 - Dominico

Reinforcement: Hypalon, Orca® Pennel Flipo

Button: EDELRID SB 16 mm / 1100 daN clips

Carabines: Sky Paragliders - Minimum Load at Overload 22kN

Zippers: YKK