“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” Leonardo da Vinci

The acro two seater – extra power for dynamic to the power of two. As innovation pioneer U-Turn has a long-standing tradition to constantly redefine the flyable limits. No other wing proves that as impressively as the worldwide first acro tandem paraglider Twinforce. The two world cup winners Pal and Gabor performed the world premiere and flew a double seated Infinity Tumbling with the wing for the first time ever.

Give your fun more speed. Razor-sharp lines close to the relief demand uncompromising precision. The SPEEDMASTER3 delivers this and reacts to control pulses directly and without delay.

The ultimate fun machine for triple dynamic power. Freestyle soaring on strong wind coast lines, wagga ground training or alpine adventures, the TRINITY redefines dynamic. The mini-wing presents inexhaustible possibilities with concentrated power for the game forms between freestyle and carving – built for playful moments full of agility. The fun-wing was developed in cooperation with the groundhandling expert Mike Küng and realized according to his ideal prospects.

The star among the easy tandems. Share your adventure moments with the worldwide first lightweight tandem glider with LTF-A certification. The ASTERION Light Tourismo brings the concept of simplification also to the two-seater class and still has a high speed in stock. Sportive handling meets sweet-tempered flight behavior with minimal pack size. This mixture provides countless areas of application for the light two-seater.

Flexibility that cannot be outdone! The PARAMOTION is the first paraglider which is adaptable to almost all circumstances. This flexibility is possible through the built- in zipper with which the surface of the PARAMOTION can be reduced by 2 cells. Therefore the operating range of the quick-change artist is infinite.

Simply Secure! INFINITY stands for endless flight fun with maximum safety cushion. The glider was designed as an allround-glider with the clear goal of a low B certificate. Now we have a glider which really deserves the attribute lowend B, because in most of the maneuvers it reached A. The INFINITY 4 is the answer to the always increasing demand for a powerful Lowend-B-glider with remarkable security standards and precise handling.

The innovative beginners wing is bringing the technology of the Acro area into the training class. The EVOLUTION possesses the innovative PBV of U-Turn.

The new Queen2 went through a total redesign compared to its successful predecessor. The goal was to bring another dimension of performance into the EN C class, and we feel certain that this ambitious goal has been reached.

The Kross, is the perfect bivouac or Hike&Fy competition glider.

Fun for two!

With the Papillon P42 tandem glider, passengers and pilots alike have fun. A clearly arranged line design, very pleasant handling and high glide ratio make the P42 a reliable transporter.